We need more members. Especially those members who pay their dues on time. Ha-Ha, just kidding. However, we are always looking for new members. If you know of someone who sailed on the WRIGHT, give them our home-page address.

The fun part of our reunions are the stories told about events that happened when we were young sailors on a great ship. At the Charleston Reunion, this story was told in the hospitality room. Once upon a time, many many years ago, on a CVL 49,A scupper for the V1 head was plugged.The compartment Cleaners tried everything they knew to open the pipe, but to no avail. 

A Boson from the fantail came into the head, and said that's no way to clear a scupper. Stand aside and I'll show you how it is done. He then placed the compartment fire hose in the scupper, turned the water on and met with success. The water blew the plugged scupper clean. The downside of this operation was, as the water blasted the pipe clean, the Captain's Gig was passing right in front of the pipe. The Gig, the Captain and the crew were splattered with UFO'S. It was reported that said Boson hid in the chain locker until the heat passed.Whether this story is true or false, didn't matter, it was just fun listening to it being told. 

Here is a great story. The Atlantic Fleet Football Championship, held on Dec. 09 1923 at  Yankee Stadium. The attendance was 8000 and it was a hard played game. The USS Wright AV1 vs USS Wyoming.The game ended in a tie, USS Wright 6, USS Wyoming 6. To me, this was a victory, because there is a big difference in crew complements between a repair ship and a battlewagon. Boy, our past shipmates must have been overjoyed at the results and had the bragging rights to that game

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