To Benefit SAFFT

Total Amount Bid For All Items:  $2,720.00


On behalf of SAFFT, we would like to thank you for your generous contribution to the auction fundraiser that was hosted by the Leadership Forsyth Class of 2010. Your contribution will make many things happen for the children in foster and adoptive care in our amazing County of Forsyth. Our organization is eternally grateful for your participation and willingness to give towards charity. The money raised from the auction will go toward a tutoring program as well as a mentoring program. The funds will also go toward purchasing exciting toys and activities for the children to play with. Everything will be housed at the new Visitation and Community Center where children and families can visit safely together. Again, our organization will be eternally grateful to your generous contribution to our impactful programs that will forever change these children’s lives. We thank you so kindly,


Ashley Anderson
Executive Director

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BID ON Item DSC00506

Catering for 20 people

Duckman - $120.00 

BID ON Item DSC00507

2 front Row Braves tickets
Sep 15 Vs. Nats

dawg fan - $150.00 

BID ON Item DSC00508

Fast Sign Banner ($100 value)

twelsh14 - $90.00 

BID ON Item DSC00509

Free month at Icon Allstars

TedRich - $30.00 

BID ON Item DSC00510

Medication Therapy Mgt Session

Starting Bid - $50.00 

BID ON Item DSC00511

Georgia Outdoor Adventure

Duckman - $75.00 

BID ON Item DSC00512

Golf for 2 - at Sugarloaf

dvansant - $110.00 

BID ON Item DSC00513

Golf for 2 - at Edinburgh

Roy Larsen - $80.00 

BID ON Item DSC00514

Dragonfly Photography - $160 Value

lazycat - $69.00 

BID ON Item DSC00515

2 nights at Staybridge Suites
$300 Value !

justforfun - $110.00 

BID ON Item DSC00516

Awesome 4some Golf

Boa - $105.00 

BID ON Item DSC00517

Atlanta Braves Jersey
Official/Pro Version - $190 Value!

Braves - $55.00 

BID ON Item DSC00518

Coleman 2 burner Stove

Mtm Queen . - $40.00 

BID ON Item DSC00519

Coleman Lantern

Old Scout - $15.00 

BID ON Item DSC00520

Coleman 6 Person tent

MTM Queen - $80.00 

BID ON Item DSC00521

Golf for 4 at Old Atlanta

Duckman - $80.00 

BID ON Item DSC00522

Thule Bike Carrier

suewho - $25.00 

BID ON Item DSC00523

Awesome Fishing Trip
$350 Value!

Bama Boy - $120.00 

BID ON Item DSC00524

4 Braves Tickets

Farmor - $100.00 

BID ON Item DSC00525

2 Falcons tickets - 50 yard line

brian @bwe - $126.00 

BID ON Item DSC00526

Grey Goose Gift Basket
Retail value $100

princess - $55.00 

BID ON Item DSC00527

$100 Gift Certificate

MTM Queen - $25.00 

BID ON Item DSC00528

$100 Gift Certificate

MTM Queen - $25.00 

BID ON Item DSC00529

Gem - Magenta Drusy Quartz

Georgia Girl - $10.00 

BID ON Item DSC00530

Gem- Blue Topaz

Fred - $22.00 

BID ON Item DSC00531

Gems - 4 Oval Amethysts

Dawg Fan - $20.00 

BID ON Item DSC00532

Aquamarine Bypass Ring

lazycat - $50.00 

BID ON Item DSC00533

3 Gem Ring

lazycat - $48.00 

BID ON Item DSC00534

Gem - Lemon Lime Quartz

Fred - $15.00 

BID ON Item DSC00535

Gem- Smoky Quartz

Gill - $8.00 

BID ON Item DSC00536

Dog Leash

chapstick - $7.00 


BID ON Item DSC00537

Hyperbaric chamber - $245 value

suewho - $40.00 


BID ON Item DSC00538

1000 full color business cards

MTM Queen - $30.00 


BID ON Item DSC00539

Promote your business- 5 Custom Logo'd Shirts - $250 Value

Brian @bwe - $75.00 


BID ON Item DSC00540

Oil Changes for 1 Year
Wright Imports Auto Service

Clozin Lozen - $65.00 


BID ON Item DSC00541

Walking Poles $55 Value

Old Scout - $15.00 


BID ON Item DSC00542

Jimi Clock - $25 value

FoxieHoxie - $6.00 


BID ON Item DSC00543

Case of Imported Wine

margaritamaker - $120.00 


BID ON Item DSC00544

Golf for 4 at a Canongate Course $156 Value

habitat - $60.00 


BID ON Item DSC00545

1 Yr Membership $200 Value

Brian @bwe - $35.00 


BID ON Item DSC00546

Rapid Refill Ink - $50 gift certificate towards printer cartridges

Gill - $11.00 


BID ON Item DSC00547

Sterling Silver Necklace & Earrings
- $65 Value

Nicoles - $25.00 


BID ON Item DSC00548

Imported Nicaraguan
Premium Rum

Flor de Caña

kd - $25.00 


BID ON Item DSC00549

Rustic Yard Sign
Hand painted

Hawkeye - $3.00 


BID ON Item DSC00550

A Shooting Foursome!
Four rounds of 100 Clay Targets
Golf Cart Included! $141 Value

Hawkeye - $105.00 


BID ON Item DSC00551

Case of Imported Wine
From JAX, in Cumming.
12 assorted bottles

clozin lozen - $115.00 


BID ON Item DSC00552

The Incredibles Collectable Phone
Brand New In Box
Every Hero Needs One!

Starting Bid - $20.00 


BID ON Item DSC00553

Custom Made Blue Jean Purse
$50-$80 Value

MTM Queen - $20.00 


BID ON Item DSC00554

Custom Made Blue Jean Purse
$50-$80 Value

Nicoles - $35.00 


BID ON Item DSC00555



BID ON Item DSC00556



BID ON Item DSC00557



BID ON Item DSC00558



BID ON Item DSC00559



BID ON Item DSC00560



BID ON Item DSC00561



BID ON Item DSC00562



BID ON Item DSC00563



BID ON Item DSC00564



BID ON Item DSC00565



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