Our basic plan is ideal for any personal or small business website.

We specialize in small business and personal web sites. We charge $250 to design your home page, which includes up to 5 images. This also includes domain registration (www.yourname.com), and search engine submission. It is $100 for each additional page with up to 5 images each.

Example of pricing:  1 home page plus 2 sub pages: $450

Monthly hosting fees range from $15 & up depending on size and interactivity (i.e. database)

Logo and graphic design is available at the rate of $45 per hour. (average design time = 2 hours) 

Web-based Input Forms, Message boards, Surveys, and Database development is also available at the rate of $45 per hour.

About the servers: Dell PowerEdge 1550 rackmount units with dual Pentium III 1-GigaHertz (1000 MegaHertz) processors, 1-GigaByte of ECC SDRAM and Ultra3 SCSI 160 hard drives. Provides extremely fast, reliable web services.  





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