We can train you or train your staff to become power users of spreadsheets, word processors and presentation software to drive your business. We can also train you to create and maintain your own web site if you wish!

We can put your business or personal site on the web at a price you can easily afford. Low rates and high quality service. We're not as big as some of those expensive consulting outfits, but we can deliver better results because we are a small team of experts who can tailor our services to your needs.


We Specialize in Customer and Employee surveys. Propel your business with fresh ideas for improvement and insight to what your customers want, so they keep coming back. We can design a custom survey specific to your requirements. Try a sample survey: (password is "sample")

-Click Here to Begin Sample Survey

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We also specialize in web-enabled "HelpDesk" tools, where customers can make an inquiry or report a problem. The issue is logged and listed so your support person can work the issues and reply. Automatically builds stats on trouble types, monitors open and closed issues overall, by worker, by customer, and asks for customer feedback when the issue is closed. This, in turn, generates satisfaction stats.  To arrange a demonstration email us by clicking on the "Talk To Us" button.

Why we can help you...We have over 26 years experience in large corporation and small business operations. If you are an individual looking to gain or improve your skills, let us turn you into a pro quickly, without paying thousands to a school with high overhead. Working in the corporate world sure can be uncertain these days, but being able to adapt will help you stay employed in an ever-changing economy. If you have a corporation or small business, Let us help you drive your business forward by turning your staff into top-notch professionals. We'll suitcase the training and come to you. Click on the "Talk to Us" button and tell us what you would like to learn or how we can help your employees grow.


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